VitrA Aquacare is an innovative bidet toilet that allows a more comfortable and hygienic experience. The single bidet spray cleaning function gives you that just-showered feeling every time. It’s also eco-friendly as it significantly reduces the need for toilet paper. To use, simply turn the handle on the toilet to release a stream of clean water at a pleasant temperature. Thanks to the thermostatic control, the water temperature will stay the same regardless of water being used elsewhere in the house and the innovative air breaker technology means there is absolutely no risk to it contaminating the drinking water supply. VitrA Aquacare is easy to install as it connects to the main water supply and doesn’t need an electrical connection. This package includes the toilet, pre-assembled and integrated air breaker and soft-closing seat. For optimal performance it is recommended Rim-ex pans are used with a full height concealed cistern and at 3/6 litre flushing setting.

VitrA INTEGRA AQUACARE Back to wall toilet Rimless with integrated THM mixer

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